• Patra, Sept. 2012 : 28o Panhellenic conf. on Solid State Physics and Materials Science ,
    «Al/Nb Microalloying effect and bonding particularities in the microstructure of Cu-Zr Metallic Glasses by ab-initio calculations»,
    G. Bokas (Best poster award
    as PhD student, current postoctoral position )
  • Moscow, June 2012 : 19th ISMANAM2012 International symposium on Metastable, amorphous and nanostructured materials ,
    «Structural, electronic and mechanical properties of Ti-Nbx (x<50) alloys»,
    J.J. Gutiérrez Moreno (Best poster award ,
    PhD student)
  • Limassol, Sept 2011 : 27o Panhellenic Conf. on Solid State Physics and Materials Science ,
    «Structural and electronic properties of Ti-Nanowires/C-single wall nanotubes composites by Density functional theory calculations»,
    M. Gialampouki (Best poster award
    as PhD student, current postdoctoral position)
  • Pramada, Sept 2008: 6ο National Conf. of “Free Radical and Antioxidant activity” ,
    «Complexation of flavonoids with iron and Copper: Structure and Optical Signatures,
    (best oral presentation)
  • Corfu, Aug 2007 : 14th ISMANAM2007, International Symposium on Metastable and Nano Materials,
    “Microscopic aspects of the deformation accommodation in the Cu46Zr54 Metallic Glass”
    (best oral presentation)
  • Thessaloniki, Sept. 2003: ΧΙX National Solid State and Materials Science Conference ,
    “Electronic and optical properties of adsorbed biomolecules (adenine-cytosine)”,
    (best poster presentation)