Invited talks

2018 :

  • Phoenix, Arizona, 2-6 April 2018,
    2018 Materials Research Society MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit ,
    “On the Design of Fe-X (X=Cu, Co, Mn) Nanoclusters and Coatings with Improve Magnetic Moment by Density Functional Theory Calculations”, C. Cutrano and Ch. E. Lekka
  • Chsinau, Moldavia, 25-28 September 2018,
    9th International Conference on Materials Scie & Cond Matter Physics (MSCMP2018) ,
    “Density functional theory on nanostructures with potential catalytic applications”, Ch. E. Lekka (Plenary speaker)
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4-7 November 2018,
    2018 Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition (SIPS2018),
    “On The Computational Design Of Ti- and Fe-Based Advanced Materials For Biomedical Applications”, Ch. E. Lekka